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This is Jinx’s favorite magazine to collect. 

Swords Illustrated is one of the highest-selling magazines in Clauvia based on the sport of Fencing. Each monthly magazine features lovely model mice while focusing on the biggest and baddest blades in the industry. 

Though, it’s hard to imagine most read the mag JUST for the swords… 

This month features the beautiful Tate Downton, currently voted to be the murine on every rat’s mind. 

Are you a model wishing to be featured on the cover and a dedicated pictorial of Swords Illustrated? Subscribe for the $5 pledge and submit your cuteness (or even your friend, we’ll check her out too!) You too may have a chance to grace the monthly pages of Swords Illustrated (granted, if you are only as cute and smexy as you SAY you are).”

Updated with an example page of the 2-page pictorial from the monthly Swords Illustrated pledge on Rat Rage’s Patreon~! They’ll typically be like this, 3 illos on each page, and in original high resolution so you can make wallpapers and whatnot out of it if that’s your thing. Pledgers will also be able to submit their own mouse or rodent-like gal for a chance to be featured on a month’s issue. 

Also, coloring these were making me super impatient to get to the colored pages in the main storyline/comic… *so eager* 

Added the final example page. Now I’m providing something for everyone with RR.

On the real though, doing these are quite fun! Can’t wait for the future patron ones. I FUGGIN’ LOVE COLORING.

A mag i would fa….er fap to…damn i mean READ yea thats i meantsXD

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